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April 28 2017


LaRouche: "We Are An Anti-Oligarchical Nation!"

EIR's daily One-Minute short features an archive clip from a June 2009 webcast titled "Britain Delenda Est!" by Lyndon LaRouche. He clearly defines the difference between the American System of credit for long term economic development, versus the British monetarist system, in explicit opposition to which the United States was originally founded. This historic understanding of the American System is the basis on which an international credit system can be created today, for the development of the planet, and the elimination of British imperialist monetarism once and for all.

Mankind's Endless Development - The Economic Platform

Basement Team member Ben Deniston demonstrates mankind future growth is limitless with Lyndon LaRouche's conception of the "economic platform." This twenty minute presentation was given at the Schiller Institute's NYC conference entitled, "Whither the United States: Nuclear power or New Silk Road?"

LaRouche: Economic Reality Has To Be Installed

The United States and the trans-Atlantic financial system are right now plunging towards a financial blowout bigger than that of 2007-08. Today's corporate debt bubble, at $14 trillion, is bigger than the $11 trillion mortgage bubble of 2007-08, and the 20% level of defaults projected for these debts today, is far greater than that actually experienced in mortgages a decade ago. We are already into "The Big Short," where Wall Street is lending money to suckers to help them buy up its securitized worthless debts--and then betting against its own customers.

April 27 2017


Glass-Steagall Sinks British Empire

As support for Glass-Steagall grows in the U.S., the British Empire is getting desperate to stop its reinstatement at all costs. This week, the lies being spread about Glass-Steagall in media outlets are getting downright silly.

Momentum For Glass Steagall Driving Wall Street Hysteria, as Momentum for the Belt And Road Forum Accelerates

Wall Street is clearly getting distraught over the momentum for Glass Steagall, not only in the Congress and around the country, but especially in the White House. Former FDIC chief William Issac and former Wells Fargo CEO Richard Kovecevich are trotted out for a Wall Street Journal op-ed today called "The Shattered Arguments for a New Glass Steagall Bill," which starts out with a blast against President Trump's chief economic adviser Gary Cohn for backing Glass Steagall separation of investment banking form commercial banking. "This is deeply disappointing," they whine, followed by a convoluted yarn about how "diversification" of both commercial and investment banks (i.e., by merging them) has brought about the now "stabilized" banking system, pleading against Glass Steagall.

Fireside Chat with Megan Beets, April 27, 2017

Join us at 9pm EDT for a discussion with Basement team member, Megan Beets, about the future of the United States' space program.

April 26 2017


Brits: Nuclear first strike? Jolly good!

[url:"https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQJe_Wd7vFqKJXfJWov9xmg?sub_confirmation=1"]Subscribe to the new [em]EIR[/em] YouTube channel.[/url] UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon decided to let the world know that the Theresa May government would not rule out the first-use of nuclear weapons. The British Empire is doing everything it can to stir up tensions and conflict around Russia and China, and this is yet another example. Britannia delenda est!

The United States Must Join the New Silk Road; Get the British Empire Out of the Way

We are in a very volatile situation, most dramatically shown by events regarding North Korea, but underlain by the breakdown crisis in the economy and in policy-failure among the Trans-Atlantic nations. What is required is for the U.S. to cooperate with China and Russia, in the "framework of the Belt and Road Initiative"--as Pres. Xi Jinping told Pres. Trump in Florida April 7--to steer a course to safety, out of the geopolitical confrontations, which is the 'British Empire' game. Look at North Korea, which today is celebrating its 85th anniversary of the founding of its army, with ceremony and weapons drills...

April 25 2017


President Trump, Go to Beijing to Build Infrastructure

[url:"https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQJe_Wd7vFqKJXfJWov9xmg?sub_confirmation=1"]Subscribe to the new [em]EIR[/em] YouTube channel.[/url] President Donald Trump has a great opportunity to build up US infrastructure and move the economy forward—on May 14-15, there will be a tremendous event in Beijing: the Belt and Road Forum, attended by over 1000 people from 110 nations, 28 of which will be represented by their heads of state. If President Trump attends this summit, it will be a great opportunity to work out major infrastructure deals internationally. Mr. Trump, don’t miss this opportunity!

Against London's World War Threats Trump-Xi Discussions Are Taking On the Greatest Importance

With another telephone discussion Sunday on peace on the Korean Peninsula, the dialogue between President Donald Trump and China's President Xi Jinping is taking on a world-leading importance, understood by leading Chinese figures but obscured in the Atlantic region by British demands for war confrontations. Xi has proposed, and Trump agreed, that the two have regular conversations and an early visit by Trump to China for a second summit meeting.

April 24 2017


Chinese Diplomat Invites US to Join New Silk Road

Meifang Zhang, the Deputy Consul General at the Chinese Consulate in New York, reiterated President Xi Jinping's invitation to join the New Silk Road, at a conference hosted by the Schiller Institute in Manhattan on April 13, 2017, stating: "I want to quote President Xi as saying that China welcomes the United States to participate in cooperation within the Belt and Road framework. President Xi stressed that both countries have become each other's first largest trading partners and both peoples have benefited a lot from it... Both countries should really seize the opportunities." [url:"https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQJe_Wd7vFqKJXfJWov9xmg?sub_confirmation=1"]Subscribe to the new [em]EIR[/em] YouTube channel and get notified when videos are posted![/url]

National Activist Call with Diane Sare and Kesha Rogers

Join us tonight at 9pm EDT for a discussion between LaRouchePAC Policy Committee members, Diane Sare and Kesha Rogers, and activists from around the country.

LaRouchePAC Policy Committee - April 24, 2017

Join us at 2pm EDT for our weekly discussion with the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee hosted by Matthew Ogden.

U.S.-China Cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiative - Summary

The Schiller Institute hosts a two-day conference in NYC, April 13-14, on the future of U.S.-China relations in respect to the Belt and Road Initiative. Helga Zepp-LaRouche keynotes the conference, followed by representatives of the Chinese and Russian governments, and Patrick Ho of the China Energy Fund Committee. Panel Two discusses the economic principles of human economics, and explores the expansion of the Belt and Road Initiative to the entire globe. Panel Three explores the similarities of the highest points in Western thought and corresponding points in China's history. This video is a summary of the conference, the full speeches are available [url:"https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoHwt4KyUk5CfL_UCuxSmmr0hyQNZlZjL"]here[/url].

April 23 2017


The World Is Responding to LaRouche, Targeting the British Empire

On Saturday, representatives of the Schiller Institute and members of a New Jersey based Tea Party organization joined forces in front of the New York Times -- or, as President Trump correctly identifies it, the "failing New York Times." Signs at the protest included: "The New York Times wants war with Russia, Americans want peace;" "The New York Times - all the fake news in print;" and a poster with the portrait of Goebbels blushing, with the words: "The New York Times Makes Goebbels Blush."

Manhattan Town Hall event with Michael Steger

Watch our weekly Manhattan meeting featuring LaRouchePAC Policy Committee member Michael Steger.

April 22 2017


Brits: Aggressive war is LEGAL (when we do it!)

The British Empire has no shame. Queen’s Counsel Jeremy Wright claims that Tony Blair cannot be prosecuted for his lies that led to the Iraq War, because: “It is established at by clear and unanimous authority at the highest level, that the crime of aggression is not known to English law.” [url:"https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQJe_Wd7vFqKJXfJWov9xmg?sub_confirmation=1"]Subscribe to the new [em]EIR[/em] YouTube channel and get notified when videos are posted![/url]

April 21 2017


British Push For War on North Korea

The British are going wild this week to create US conflict with Russia and China. This is a coup against President Trump, and the Brits will even risk world war to destroy his “American System” policies. [url:"https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQJe_Wd7vFqKJXfJWov9xmg?sub_confirmation=1"]Subscribe to the new [em]EIR[/em] YouTube channel and get notified when videos are posted![/url]

The Ideal of Highest Humanity—Helga Zepp-LaRouche Day 2 Keynote Address

"The hope-filled vision of President Xi Jinping for a "Community of Shared Future for Mankind," which he conceptualized along with Win-Win cooperation on the New Silk Road, has also been adopted in a Resolution of the UN Security Council, which means that it is officially, even if in any case so, now an overarching Principle which binds all nations of this world through a higher perspective. With this concept, for the first time a strategic initiative has been put on the agenda which can replace war-causing geopolitics with the ideal of a united Humanity. In the 3 ½ years since Xi Jinping proposed it in Kazakhstan in September, 2013, this idea has rapidly become widespread and inspired more and more nations, and particularly among less developed nations, has promoted a previously absent optimism that in the near future poverty can be overcome, and that humane conditions of life for all people on this planet can be created. Countless people from different nations and cultures perceive: We are standing at the beginning of a new epoch of Universal History!"

Friday Webcast—Whither The United States? New Silk Road or Nuclear War

The question posed by the title of last week's Schiller Institute conference in New York City, encapsulates the fight now raging for the soul of the United States. Will we continue to be used as the British Empire's "dumb giant" in their geopolitical divide-and-conquer system which has now brought the world to the brink of WWIII, or will we return to our revolutionary roots as the nation of Alexander Hamilton's "American System" and join the new paradigm of win-win cooperation and peace through development now radiating out from China's New Silk Road initiative? In the three-week countdown to the Belt and Road Initiative conference in Beijing, being attended by dozens of heads of state, including President Putin of Russia as "the highest guest of honor," the LaRouche movement continues our campaign for President Trump to attend that summit in person, and finally reciprocate Xi Jinping's offer to join the New Silk Road paradigm. This offer was reiterated at the Schiller Institute conference in New York last week by Meifang Zhang, the Deputy Consul General of the Chinese Consulate, when she said, "I want to quote President Xi as saying that China welcomes the United States to participate in cooperation within the Belt and Road framework...Both countries should really seize the opportunities." Sign the petition! http://action.larouchepac.com/petition_four_laws
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