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June 20 2018


Everything You Need to Know About the Inspector General's Report

The best thirty minutes from Inspector General Michael Horowitz's testimony to the House and Senate earlier this week.

This Is the Moment for Change

In the Americas, Bolivian President Evo Morales met in Beijing today with President Xi Jinping, and signed commitments for Belt and Road collaboration between Bolivia and China. Morales said it will mean economic development and peace throughout the continent. Also in China, is a delegation from the Dominican Republic, conferring on economic projects and business in the Caribbean.

June 19 2018


Child Abuse Hypocrites! What Evil, Genocidal Twaddle

It is no accident that the hoked up image of Donald Trump heartlessly ripping crying children away from their mothers becomes the predominant media and political theme on the same day that the coup against Donald Trump is dealt huge and significant blows by the Justice Department Inspector General in testimony before the Congress. In fact, to make the point, the Democrats interrupted that hearing with catcalls about internment camps and other political theater.

Major Changes Can Keep Coming, Trump And Xi Can Solve Both Trade and Immigration

The summit just accomplished in Singapore has already changed the relations of nations in Asia for the better, showed President Donald Trump's unusual leadership capacity, and should be changing the way Europeans and Americans look at what is possible. The very real potential is now emerging for an early summit of Presidents Trump and Putin, absolutely critical to ending 15 years' continuous disasters of war in Southwest Asia and North Africa. And there can be more "game-changers" — no crisis situation is fixed at this moment, if citizens and leaders will move optimistically for peace and mutual economic development.

June 18 2018


LaRouchePAC Monday Update - June 18, 2018

Join us LIVE at 2pm Eastern with our host, Matthew Ogden.

What Does It Mean for the Individual? Can You, Personally, Afford To Miss This Opportunity?

The results of the June 13 Trump-Kim summit in Singapore have now "made official" the enormous changes which have occurred in this world at an ever-faster pace, ever since the end of the Twentieth Century—changes which have in large part been catalyzed by the ideas fashioned by Lyndon LaRouche, and by the world leadership role of his wife Helga.

New Class Series: Learn LaRouche’s Secret

[url:"https://discover.larouchepac.com/?recruiter_id=264822"]Sign up for our new eight-part class series.[/url] We want to let you in on a little secret: [em]what's taught in universities as economics is worthless[/em]. A true science of economics is the most profound area of study accessible to mankind—measuring a society's ability to generate a unique type of anti-entropic growth that separates human beings from the animals. Lyndon LaRouche has pioneered this higher understanding of economics, and, in doing so, has become the most successful long-range economic forecaster on the planet.

History Is Now Being Written in Asia—The EU Summit Must Follow the Example of Singapore!

The contrast could hardly be clearer. In Singapore, the historic summit between President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un launched a process that, beyond the region itself, could guarantee world peace for the future; at the same time, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) rang in a new era in building a new world order based on trust, harmony and joint development. On the other hand, there was the disunited, antagonistic G7 summit, whose European heads of state and government then returned home, only to plunge into a new dispute over the flare-up of the refugee crisis, and to react to that crisis with remedies as heinous as they are useless. It is high time for a policy reorientation on the old continent! The immediate opportunity to do so is the upcoming EU summit on June 28-29!

June 15 2018


Forget the Punditry; the IG’s Report is a Bombshell

On June 15, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz released his 565-page report on the FBI and Justice Department Hillary Clinton email investigation. President Trump and various supporters have expressed outrage that Horowitz did not go further in frying former FBI Director James Comey or declaring the obvious political bias he otherwise documents in the the Clinton investigation. These are legitimate issues and there is a legitimate question as to whether Horowitz softened the language in his report because of Justice Department pushback. These issues will be fully explored when the IG testifies in Congressional hearings next week. Nonetheless, the report is a bombshell even if written in carefully parsed Justice Department lawyer language. If we were not in the middle of an insurrection against the Trump presidency, it would cause an immediate halt to Robert Mueller’s investigation. Proof that the report is a bombshell can be seen in the new-found outrage of Congressman Trey Gowdy, who only a couple weeks back was found cowering under the skirts of Paul Ryan as things got hot about British interference in the U.S. election in the form of FBI / MI6 informant Stefan Halper. In response to the IG report, Gowdy stated, “the report also conclusively shows an alarming and destructive level of animus displayed by top officials at the FBI. Peter Strzok’s manifest bias trending toward animus casts a pall on this investigation. Bias is so pernicious and malignant as to both taint the process, the result, and the ability to have confidence in either.” By finding that James Comey was “insubordinate” and operating far outside Justice Department rules and prosecutorial ethics in his actions in the Clinton email investigation, the IG has provided a bulletproof factual refutation of any attempt by Robert Mueller to charge that the President obstructed justice when he fired James Comey. The Comey firing, in turn, was the factually thin and constitutionally suspect peg for Mueller’s appointment as special prosecutor.

Friday Webcast

Join us for our weekly Friday webcast at 2pm eastern with your host, Matthew Ogden.

June 14 2018


Fireside Chat with Barbara Boyd, June 14, 2018

As the possibility of peace presents itself boldly for the first time in 68 years on the Korean peninsula, we, here, face the historical mandate to make such a peace permanent, a process which can only be assured by retaking the United States on behalf of the revolutionary ideas which first defeated the British Empire. Join us for tonight's discussion with the author of [url:"https://larouchepac.com/20180220/mueller-dossier-revisited-how-british-and-obama-diddled-united-states"]our Mueller dossier, Barbara Boyd[/url].

Trump and His Eurasian Allies Outflank the Dying British Empire

The contrast could not have been greater. While the dysfunctional nature of the dying G7, or G6, or G5 (!) — a remnant of British geopolitics which has dominated post-war policies — was on full display in Canada, an alternative global system was moving ahead in Qingdao, China, with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting, based on the "win-win" outlook of China's New Silk Road policy. And while the destabilized leaders of the increasingly irrelevant G7 were left to whine about President Trump abandoning them — both figuratively and literally — Trump's extraordinary summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was a reflection of his orientation to Eurasia, as its success is in part due to his collaboration with leaders of China, Russia, South Korea and Japan.

June 13 2018


June 12, 2018: The Spirit of the New Silk Road Shines in Its Full Glory

Yesterday will be remembered in history, not only for the extraordinary achievement in Korea brought about by Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un, Moon Jae-in, Xi Jinping, Shinzo Abe and Vladimir Putin, but because the "Spirit of the New Silk Road" has taken another giant step forward in bringing peace and development to the entire world.

June 12 2018


Success or Failure, The Cause Of This Summit Is What Is Important For The Future

It is becoming more and more clear — to the great pain of all denizens of the old, "liberal" Atlanticist order — that President Donald Trump is fully breaking from a Europe dominated by British geopolitics, to engage the United States with Asia.

Choose Creativity, Not Tragedy, in Economics and Statecraft

Panel Two of the International Schiller Institute conference in NYC, June 9, 2018. Speakers include Dennis Speed, Northeast Coordinator, Schiller Institute — "The LaRouche Method: Seed-Crystal of a New Culture," James George Jatras, former U.S. Diplomat and former Adviser to Republican Senate Leadership — "The Urgency of a Trump-Putin Summit," and Richard Black, Virginia State Senator — "The Strategic Importance of Victory, Peace and Development in Syria," followed by a lively Q&A.

June 11 2018


Grant Us Peace Through Economic Development

The outcome of this tumultuous period of history depends upon the establishment of an agreement among major nations, namely the Four Powers: the United States, Russia, China, and India. Such international economic cooperation is the unique basis for a new security architecture, for peace. Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder and chairwoman of the Schiller Institute, keynoted the NYC Schiller Institute's June 9 conference in Manhattan. Zepp-LaRouche was joined by Dmitry Polyanskiy, First Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN from the Russian Federation, video greetings from Xu Wenhong, PhD, Deputy Secretary General of Belt and Road Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and LaRouchePAC's Jason Ross.

This Time of Epochal Transformation Cries Out for Lyndon LaRouche's Ideas

For strategic clarity—and also for your enjoyment—look at the world, for the moment, through the eyes of the British Empire. Over the last week, the following developments occurred, indicating that the British Empire's worst nightmare is taking shape. 1) President Trump—clearly feeling his oats with the Mueller operation sinking rapidly and turning instead into a "Spygate" which is seeing many of Britain's key assets exposed and on their way to jail—has announced he will meet with Russian President Putin, possibly in Vienna.

June 09 2018


G6, G7, or G8? The Post War British Imperial World is Fast Disintegrating

The British Empire's 20th Century world — often mislabeled the "American Century" — is crumbling so rapidly that even the BBC headlined its coverage today: "Has Trump Broken the Special Relationship?" The President held an impromptu press conference on the White House lawn this morning before leaving for the G7 meeting in Quebec, where he told the press that "Russia should be in the meeting... It may not be politically correct, but we have a world to run." The newly elected Prime Minister of Italy Guiseppe Conte immediately tweeted: "I agree with President Trump. Russia should be re-admitted to the G8."

June 08 2018


*Petition* President Trump: Declassify All Documents & Information Concerning British Subversion Of Your Campaign

Cancel the "Special Relationship" with the British. President Trump, We, the undersigned, call upon you to: 1) order the declassification of documents referencing all British-spawned allegations, wherever in our government they may reside, concerning your relationship or that of your campaign workers to Russia and demand that the British produce the same from their files...

June 07 2018


New Alignment in Asia Is Shaping the Future: Will the Foolish Europeans Be Left Behind?

Developments of the last days demonstrate that the potential to bring the world into a new era of peaceful economic progress is emerging, centered around the diplomacy and physical economic advances associated with China's New Silk Road (NSR) policy. The dynamic unleashed by the NSR, which Helga Zepp LaRouche has called the New Paradigm, has brought together the leading nations of Asia — China, India, Japan, South Korea — and Eurasian power Russia, into an alliance which is causing increasing panic among those still yearning for the days when the British Empire's geopolitics dominated every aspect of international relations.
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